Dermastir Skincare Multivitamin – Collagen Capsules

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Dermastir Skincare Multivitamin liquid capsules helps beauty to come from the inside. 11 Multivitamins and 11 minerals are presented in liquid collagen. Ingredients in tablets and powder capsules are processed and compressed but the new Dermastir liquid capsule has been proven to deliver fresh unprocessed active ingredients. GLA, the Omega 6 for skin hydration Liquid ceramides and phospholipids Antioxidants Helps the skin fight against ageing and external aggression Helps in restoring the lipidic balance and hydrates dry skin Elastic recovery Supports natural skin fatty acid shield production and increases skin protection and skin repair mechanisms Restores skin barrier function Description Liquid ceramides, phospholipids and GLA Omega 6 for skin protectionDry skin is characterised by feelings of discomfort provoked by itching and tightness. The cellular membrane is conditioned by a well balanced proportion of cholesterol, free fatty acids and ceramides.Phospholipids, ceramides and Omega 6 can help restore the lipidic balance and rehydrate dry skin. GLA, the Omega 6 for skin hydrationThe evening primrose seeds contain gamma-linolenic acid, a precious essential Omega 6 fatty acid. Studies on human skin have shown that oral supplementation with 1g/ day of GLA over 3 months gave statistically significant improvements in skin hydration, elastic recovery and skin roughness. Benefits of GLA– Reduces visible signs of ageing– Boosts skin moisture levels– Enhances skin's ability to bounce-back– Restores skin barrier function– Safe anti-inflammatory product Dermastir Skincare Multivitamin Collagen liquid capsules provides a nutrient synergy of GLA Omega 6 and antioxidants to help the skin fight against ageing and external aggression. The skin is the body's largest organ, representing 10 to 20% of a person's total bodyweight and a surface area of around 2m squared. It protects us from toxins, pathogens and UV radiations, which initiate the formation of radicals and produce oxidative damage to lipids, proteins and DNA. Benefits of sunflower oil– Significantly increases skin hydration– Visibly reduces skin dryness signs: squamous, itching, redness, roughness– Restores skin barrier function– Fights against premature skin ageing– Patented, unique and proven efficacy through clinical studies Sunflower oil for skin repairSunflower oil is rich in Omega, Linoleic Acid (LA), Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and Arachidonic Acid (AA). The sunflower oil also contains phospholipids, glycolipids and sphingolipids (liquid ceramides & glycosylceramides). Sunflower oil supports natural skin fatty acid shield production and increases skin protection and skin repair mechanisms. What is Collagen?Collagen is a natural structural protein and accounts for more than a 1/3 of the body's protein as well as 75% of the skins volume. Basically its the glue that holds our bodies together. Did you know the word "Collagen" is the Greek translation for "glue producing"! When collagen is presented in liquid form the efficacy is superior to collagen in tablet or powder capsule form. Why do I take the capsules at night and not in the morning?ALTA CARE Laboratoires recommend to take the liquid capsules just before you go to bed because the emptier your stomach the better. The idea is that the collagen is ingested not digested. In the first 45 – 120 minutes your body enters a state called "Alpha Sleep Mode" ensuring optimum results during this rejuvenation period. Since it is important to take the capsules on an empty stomach it is even more important to purchase collagen in liquid capsules. DIRECTIONS FOR USE One Dermastir skincare capsule last thing at night on an empty stomach.